Po sledam A. N. Skryabina – pianista [On the tracks of Skryabin as pianist]. Russian translation by Anton Rovner. In Uchëniye Zapiski [Scholarly Writings], vol. 6 (2011), pub. by Skryabin Memorial Museum, Moscow. English version on the website of the Scriabin Association (http://www.scriabin-association.com/)

‘With exotic enthusiasm’: annotations and titles in the music of Scriabin as clues to content and aids to interpretation. Journal of the Scriabin Society of America, Vol. 15 no. 1, Winter 2010-11) (http://www.scriabinsociety.com/)

Osobennosti ispolneniya fortepiannoi muzyki A. N. Skryabina, EPTA Russia Fortepiano magazine, 1-2 (43-44), Winter 2009-2010. English version published as Special Features of Interpretation in the Music of Scriabin, Journal of the Scriabin Society of America, Vol. 14 no. 1, Winter 2009-2010.

Recording notes for Hyperion Scriabin recordings:
The complete Poèmes (Garrick Ohlsson) to be released February 2015
The complete Preludes (Piers Lane) 2001
The complete Sonatas (Marc-André Hamelin) 1996
The complete Etudes (Piers Lane) 1992

Articles for Music Teacher, Tempo.

With Julian Lloyd Webber:
The Young Cellist’s Repertoire
Recital Repertoire for Cellists
(arrangements and original compositions)
Faber Music (http://www.fabermusic.com/)